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Why Empty Nest Mess?  

The last two kids are almost grown, and the nest is already too spacious.  But I do love this time for reflection as we look forward to what’s next in each of our lives. 

Looking back on our experiences, and how they formed each of us into the people we are meant to be, I am in awe.  Each experience confirmed my faith and belief that we’re all here with a purpose and our lives do have meaning. 

Just this past year, our family was challenged in ways I never dreamed we could be.  There were so many tribulations, but always so much more grace.  There were personal storms that threatened to pull us under but ended with the most beautiful rainbows.  There were heartbreaks that shattered some dreams, but God gave life to new ones. 

Long ago I learned that when we truly let go of our lives and hand them over to God, things seldom go as we planned, but His plan is always better.  And the outcome is always brighter when we live by that faith. 

None of our recent experiences were what we’d expected the final years of raising kids to be like. But we are okay…in some ways better than before.

…And the name “Empty Nest Mess…” It came to me as I pondered the 20+ years that passed too quickly, and I contemplated the future when my nest will soon be empty.  As excited as I am for my kids’ futures to take shape, I’m a little anxious about how to reshape my life without that full nest.  There is so much I still long to share and so much more worth noting…Hence, the birth of Empty Nest Mess.