ABC’s List for Pet Lovers’ Dream Jobs

“If you make a living doing something you love, you’ll never have to work a day of your life.”  We’ve compiled our ABC’s list of pet lovers’ dream job ideas to share for anyone looking to make some money in the pet business:

Animal Blogger

Share photos of your pets along with tips for other pet owners.  Consider creating a blog about your pet adventures, incorporating your expertise on the subject.

Bed Designer (And More)

Lots of pet people will buy beds, pillows, playhouses and other structures for their furry friends to enjoy.  If you’re handy with tools, or inclined to become handy, you might make some of these items.  You could sell Online and to friends!

Collar Creator

Add designs, colors and/or personalized details to basic collars or leashes and sell them at events or Online.

Dog Whisperer

Some pet owners find themselves coping with especially challenging dogs.  If you specialize in dog behavior, many pet people might hire you to help them get to the root of the any dog issues they are experiencing.

Expert YouTube Trainer

If you’re not inclined to share your knowledge about pet training and behaviors with individual clients, you might consider starting a YouTube channel to enlighten pet owners about different methods you’re versed on.

Fur Dying

Lots of us get our hair dyed these days.  Although it is less common to have our pets’ fur dyed, more people are dabbling in fun furry colors for their four- legged pals.  This could be a ground level opportunity for a creative few.

Get ‘Em Moving Coach

Dog walking can be lucrative, but what about a dog running or workout program?  While many dog owners enjoy walking their dogs, there are those who recognize their furry friends need more activity than just leisurely walks.  Offer dog running and/or dog workouts daily or a few times a week.

Home Pet Monitoring

Are you good with video equipment?  You might offer to set up at-home monitoring for pet owners who want to keep in touch with their pets while they are home alone.

In-Home Cleaner

Our furry friends tend to make some special messes.  Offer your services to pick up poop piles, clean up furry areas (floors and furniture), etc…

Just Portraits

If you possess artistic talent, you could be a custom portrait artist.  Clients will send their photos of pets, or share details about their breed, then you draw or paint their animal.

Keep ‘Em Happy Daycare

Some pet owners want more than just the occasional place to keep their animals while they travel.  Some want daily, or once-twice weekly, care for their pets.  Doggie Daycare will serve that need.

Large Animal Keeper

Are you an animal lover of all types?  Do you have expertise with animals other than dogs and cats?  If so, you could help people who have larger animals.  Maybe you could work with people who have horses, goats and other animals that we tend to forget need care when their owners are away or busy.

Maker of Bandanas

You can create some basic bandanas with colorful fabric or other soft material.  Sell them at craft shows, Online and to friends.

No More Puppy Breath

No matter how much we love those doggy kisses, no one likes doggy breath.  Sell doggy mints-or make your own.  You’ll be making those kisses sweeter while improving the oral health of your clients’ pets.  Check out some of our DIY Dog Treats.

Obedience Pro

There are dog trainers and there are obedience experts.  If you’re well versed in K9 obedience, you can work with dogs to develop good habits and their owners to maintain those habits.

Pet Photographer

Capture those special moments.  Edit, and maybe enhance, some special shots.  Sell individual prints or session time.

Quality Cleaner

With so many people feeling over scheduled and under equipped to get everything done, it can be hard to keep up with the little’s (like yard droppings).  Many people might be willing to pay someone to tend to their yard’s poop piles and keep the pooper scooper business popping.

Renter of Unique Animals

Any animals you have that serve a practical purpose might generate a little extra revenue if you rent them out to people who want to use their services.  For example, goats can be rented out to people with fields in need of grooming.

Specialty Clothing Designer

Put your creativity to work for you as you design and sew clothing for dogs, cats and other critters.

Tank Designer

Pet owners with fish, lizards, snakes or other animals in tanks might love your unique tank designs.

Unusual T-Shirt Designs

You could create T-shirts for pet owners, using their pet pictures.  Or you could get a little unusual and make matching pet and pet owner T’s for your clients.

Very Special Pillows

Customized pillows are always popular.  Who doesn’t love a cuddly pillow?  Imagine the endless possibilities for pillow designs using pet images.

Wowzer Style Boarding

When pet people vacation, they often need to board their fur babies.  Some (many) might seek something special for their four-legged friends to enjoy while they are apart.  You could offer exceptional and upscale details like spa services, video streaming and/or private rooms.  This would undoubtedly attract some happy clients.


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