Detoxifying Deodorant

DIY All-Natural Deodorant that detoxes without the anti-effect of antiperspirant…Safe and natural that really works!  Tested and approved all the way from the sunshine state of Florida.  Keeps you feeling and smelling fresh while helping to draw out skin’s impurities.  Here’s what you need…

  • 6 Tbs organic virgin coconut oil-more can be used if deodorant flakes on your skin (naturally antibacterial)

  • 2 Tbs baking soda* (neutralizes body odor)

  • 3 Tbs organic cornstarch (perspiration absorber)

  • 2 Tbs bentonite clay (extra absorbent while pulling out skin’s toxins)

  • 20 Drops lavender essential oil or tea tree essential oil-depending on preference (antibacterial)

Here’s what you do…

  1. Put coconut oil in large mixing bowl.  Coconut oil melts at 74 degrees.  If it is hard, mash with a fork to soften.

  2. Add remaining ingredients.

  3. Mix all ingredients until you have smooth, consistent paste.

  4. Scoop deodorant mixture into a small jar


For application, rub finger over the paste to warm then scoop out small amount.  Rub underarm area.  Deodorant will melt into skin and absorb quickly.

*Because baking soda has higher pH (8) than our skin’s pH (5.5-6), some people might experience skin irritation with this deodorant.  If this happens, you can rebalance your skin’s pH using 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water.  Dab a little under arm pits with a cotton ball.  You can also try this recipe using less baking soda.