Does Your Pet Want To Play Or Eat?

Is it play time or time to eat?

Does your furry friend want your love, affection and playtime…or just your food?  According to research from the Arizona Canine Cognition Center, dogs are very emotionally bright and have social intelligence comparable to toddlers.  This is shown by their ability to interact in what is referred to as “cooperative communication.”  This type of communication uses physical gestures rather than verbal ones.

Another research team in England identified 12 body language gestures canines use to communicate.  The researchers then translated what each gesture means.  They found that many of the gestures mean “pet me” and not just “feed me.”


Gestures to be petted and played with

  • Rolling over in front of you
  • Licking you
  • Leaning on you
  • Weaving in and out of your legs
  • Wiggling their bodies
  • Pressing their nose against you
  • Placing a paw on you

Gestures that mean your dog is hungry

  • Tilting head side to side
  • Standing on hind legs
  • Nudging your hand
  • Offering a paw
  • Licking chops