In the Know


Are you talking about this with parents of your kids’ friends?  It could save your child’s life.

Teen Talk

How can I better get to know my teen?

Need help parenting a depressed teen?

Are there burning questions your teen is anxious to ask but might be afraid to talk with you about?

Want 100 questions you can ask your teen instead of just asking about his/her day?

Are you raising a troubled teen?  Need answers?

Want to really get into your teen’s head?  Ask these 4 questions that matter most.

What are the risk factors in teenage suicide?

How does social media use affect teenagers?

Spoiling Kids??

Are your children spoiled?

Do you see any of these indications that you might be spoiling your child?

Is it so terrible to spoil children?  They only get one childhood.

Has the spoiled adult child epidemic affected you?


Can you handle these truths about bullying?

What is the parent’s role in bullying and intervention?

How bad is school bullying these days?

What is the school’s role in the fight against bullying?

What if the school does not help my child?

What do I tell my child who fears things will get worse if he/she tells an adult?

What if your child is the bully?

Underage Drinking

Is it really a big deal to let kids drink at home?

Attention and memory both affected by binge drinking.

Facts and stats that every parent should know about underage drinking.

Heartbreaking truths every parent needs to know about underage drinking.

Are parents who give their underage kids alcohol cool or trouble makers?

What are the consequences of underage drinking?

Binge drinking affects brain and memory

If you’re teens are drinking, do they know how to identify sudden alcohol poisoning?

Do you know the risk factors and  consequences of underage drinking?

Do you know a teen whose behavior problems might be related to alcohol use?

Underage Drinking True Stories

Teenage Binge Drinking True Stories

14 Year Old’s Sleepover Ends In Tragedy

Teen’s Death Could Have Been Prevented

A Final Party