Is It Okay To Change A Dog’s Name?

Yes, you can change a dog’s name.  However, you must be ready with lots and lots of treats, repetition and even more patience.

Your dog needs to associate its name with good things.  Sit beside your pet and have her look at you as you call her by her name then give her a treat.  Of course, be sparing with the treats.  We don’t want to create a fat dog in the process.  That means this process will take time and you must consider that and make sure to keep your fur baby safe from any mishaps during this training period.   Repeating this practice of sitting together, looking at each other, calling her by name and rewarding with a treat will eventually help your pet learn that responding to her name is rewarding.

A little trivia in selecting your pet’s name…Short and choppy sounds get animals to respond quicker compared to long, slow sounds that are less attention getting.  Canine experts say that names beginning with a hard consonant like “c” or “k” help dogs hear their names even in the presence of other surrounding sounds.  And it is not ideal to choose names that rhyme with commands (i.e. Beau sounds too much like no).