Lemon Juice Is a Natural Hair Highlighter

  • Squeeze juice from 3 fresh lemons. Depending on your hair’s length, this could vary slightly.

  • Add 2-parts lemon juice and 1-part leave-in conditioner to spray bottle. Be sure to shake the bottle well for best mixing results. Water can be substituted if you have no leave-in conditioner but might leave hair drier and brittle.

  • Spritz mixture all over hair for a full lightening. Give a light brushing to your hair after spritzing, making sure hair is damp (not soaked) with the mixture.

  • To lighten only your roots, tips or to create highlighted streaks, spray the mixture on those areas only.

  • For an ombre finish, spray the mixture on the bottom half of your hair only and brush just that portion of hair.

  • To highlight strands of hair, use a cotton ball presoaked with the mixture, sliding the cotton ball down the strands you want highlighted. Try to keep up with which strands you’ve created because the process will take several sessions to achieve significant results.

  • Expose hair to direct sunlight for 1-2 hours.

  • Wash and condition hair as usual after the exposure time spent in direct sun.

    • Repeat this process daily for a few days until desired results are achieved.